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Our business is now closed. Thank you to everyone who placed orders during our final sale. -Ava

Pacific Northwest Essences

Lily Magnolia Flower Essence

Pacific Northwest Essences

Lily Magnolia Flower Essence

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Magnolia trees are beloved in Spokane, Washington. They grow well here and are attended to with great care by the local gardeners. This essence was made in spring from a magnolia tree growing in the yard of a mindfulness-based preschool.


Over-sensitivity, feeling highly vulnerable or emotionally fragile, social anxiety, difficulty making new friendships, a tendency to readily push others away, weeping, prolonged grief, sexual ambivalence or confusion, and vulnerabilities or blocks around sexual intimacy. Also contrary indications: a hardened heart, highly guarded or rigid personality, forgetting to consider other people's perspectives, black-and-white thinking, and uneven or insufficient empathy. On the physical plane: urinary tract infections, PMS, hormonal irregularities in women, energy feeling stuck, excessive dryness (Vata imbalance).

Emotional and spiritual effects

The lily magnolia flower essence reaches strongly into the heart (fourth chakra) and also heals, repairs, and balances the second chakra. It is key that it works on the two chakras of vulnerability, emotional sensitivity, receptiveness, and relationships simultaneously.

Our research study volunteers have reported that this essence made them aware of rigid boundaries, like an armor they had carried around, that would keep people at a distance. One person reported that while on this essence, she was able to perceive that the rigidity was outside of her body, as if in one layer of the aura. This essence not only gave the volunteers an awareness of the armor, but with time, also melted it to a considerable degree (the degree may vary from one person to the next, and also depend on how long one has taken the essence). One person reported that strangers now seem less like enemies and more like people of all kinds—often good people, in fact. Strangers are much more likely to smile at her first, which indicates that some excessive armor in the aura is gone. Another person felt as if her heart became more flexible, adaptable, and pliable, and less prone to taking things personally.

For most of the volunteers, the action of this essence was slow, meaning it took a few weeks to feel the essence working, though for one volunteer, all that was needed was one dose, and she had major relationship-related revelations and didn't need another dose. We recommend taking this essence for at least a month or longer.

Physical plane

Ava considers this flower essence in custom clients' blends in cases of hormonal irregularities (such as during pregnancy or the postpartum period) or for chronic hormonal issues in women.


Shake the bottle before each use. Take 3 drops at a time onto the tongue or mixed with water 3–4 times a day, between meals and not with coffee.

Store away from sun exposure, excessive heat or cold, electronics, and strong scents. 


Water, gluten-free brandy (from grapes; a preservative), infusion of organically grown lily magnolia (Magnolia liliflora). Alcohol 22% by volume.


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous, loving essence

This essence opened my heart in ways I could never have anticipated. Love for not just other people but for the land I live on, for the spirits that guide me. I was able to actually let someone into my life in a romantic way for the first time in years working with this essence. 10/10, would recommend to anyone struggling to open up and feel safe with others.


Her essences work so smoothly ...all we have tried have been wonderful