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Pacific Northwest Essences

Comprehensive Consultation: Essence, Herbal, and Homeopathic

Pacific Northwest Essences

Comprehensive Consultation: Essence, Herbal, and Homeopathic


Our one-on-one flower and gem essence consultations are all held by our founder and herbalist Ava Zhan. The consultations are confidential and conducted via phone, or video call (your choice) to establish the areas of body or aura weakness if any are present, or to discuss your perceived blocks, blockages, or personal desires, such as becoming more spiritually attuned, more nature attuned, a more patient parent, or a stronger, more tuned-in healer, for example. 

Ava will work with you to prioritize the best order in which to address your concerns or imbalances, and then will prepare a custom essence blend for you (or a few if several family members are in need). Your 50-minute consultation may also include guidance on homeopathic remedies, and possibly herbal capsules, teas, and more, to further support your personal growth or healing. The essence blend(s) are included in your consultation and will be mailed to you, and any additional homeopathic remedies you wish to incorporate may be purchased separately. 

During a much needed time of support, I reached out to Pacific Northwest Essences for a custom blend. This blend did not disappoint and was a continual energetic, emotional, and physical support. Ava was extremely giving on our 1:1 call; her ability to listen and recommend aligned essences was warm, professional, and intuitive. Ava provided a blend that embodied the above, which was a fundamental gift to the stage of transition I was in. If you feel drawn to the medicinal properties of plants and their innate wisdom to give, then I encourage you to seek advice and tailored assistance through a custom blend consultation! A life-changing gift!

How Does It Work?

Purchase the package of your choice and Ava will contact you via e-mail to set up a mutually convenient day and time to have the consultation. After the consultation, Ava will usually take one to three days to decide on your blend. Homeopathic remedies are often special ordered and will be mailed to you within a week or two, upon payment.

During your consultation, Ava may also suggest homeopathic support and herbal formulas for your health concerns that will complement your essence blend.  While she is not an MD and cannot offer medical advice or prescriptions, Ava has studied intensively with many top experts in herbal medicine, including mentorships with renowned homeopaths, Chinese acupuncturists, and Western herbalists. She brings this experience to each and every consultation, allowing her to suggest just the right combination of herbal and dietary remedies to support and enhance the effects of your essence blend. 

You can choose to have your essence blend created as a tincture to be taken internally, or as an aura mist. Tincture bottles are 1 fl oz (30 ml) with a glass dropper, and the bottle usually lasts up to two months with daily use 2 to 3 times a day, a few drops at a time internally. 

Aura mist blends come in a 3.4 fl oz (100 ml) bottle, and can be misted into the air in a space of your choice or above your head three or more times a day, or use on an as-needed basis. (This is the preferred option for customers who do not want even a few drops of alcohol in their diet, and for use with small children.) Aura mists are not aromatherapy sprays and they are traditionally prepared without adding essential oils to them (they smell faintly of brandy, and the scent dissipates very quickly). For clients who enjoy scented aura mists, per request Ava can add therapeutic-grade organic or wildcrafted essential oils or absolutes, such as frankincense sacra, lemon peel, palo santo, goldenrod, Moroccan cedar, French lavender, Indian rose absolute, or others.

Once you receive your essence blend, we suggest that you not wait but start taking your blend immediately, as it corresponds strongly to your current state. Some people like to wait, though, if they are sick with a cold or flu, but it is up to you. 

After you have completed a cycle on your essence, you may set up a follow-up consultation (purchase it on this page when you are ready for a follow-up). It often works well to have a series of consultations, usually about six weeks apart, but follow-ups are not required. We have had many intuitive clients who reorder the same blend or a single essence for several months or longer (we have known people who used and reordered the same single flower essence for a few years; they know it supports them, benefits them, and that they are still growing by learning from that particular plant.)

Your blend may be composed of flower and gem essences from our own Pacific Northwest essences prepared by Ava, or it may include essences we purchase from other well-established essence companies. The essence systems that Ava studied over a long period of time and uses in her practice are Alaskan Essences, Mushroom Essences, Hawaiian Essences, Perelandra Essences, Bloesem Remedies Netherlands, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Living Tree Orchid Essences, and Himalayan Essences. It is of tremendous benefit to a client to work with a practitioner versed in more than one system, as no one set of flowers from a particular region or maker addresses every condition or need.

What this also means for you, the client, is that Ava has a gigantic repertory of essences (hundreds of essences) to choose from for your concerns and health conditions. This also means that you could specify if you are particularly drawn to Alaskan wilderness and energy, to essences that Ava made herself from the wildflowers of Washington, or maybe to orchids. If there is a group of flowers or plants or a particular species that you are keenly drawn to, mention it during your conversation or e-mail exchange with Ava.


You can always order a refill of any of your custom blends by selecting the "refill" option from the drop-down menu when ordering. We keep records of each person's custom blends by date, so if someone purchases a refill, we will automatically make a refill of their latest custom blend. If you'd like to instead request a refill of a previous blend, just be sure to indicate the date of the blend in the order notes. 

For additional information about healing with flower and gem essences in general, see Flower and Gem Essence FAQ.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule your phone or video consultation. Missed appointments not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will incur a $50 cancellation fee. 


Shake the bottle before each use. Take 3 drops at a time onto the tongue or mixed with water 3–4 times a day, between meals and not with coffee.

If using a mist, shake the bottle and spray above your head or around a space of your choice two times a day, or more often if desired.

Store away from sun exposure, excessive heat or cold, electronics, and strong scents. 


Water, gluten-free brandy (from grapes; a preservative), sun and/or moon infusions of carefully selected wild or organically grown flowers and/or gems. Alcohol 22% by volume. 


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing.


The blend(s) included with this consultation are already discounted, so they do not qualify for additional discount codes or free shipping offers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
julie dhingra

Ava is very intuitive and knowledgeable and a delight to speak to

Christina Sheppard
Intuitive reading

Eva conducted a thoughtful assessment and created a custom blend that has initiated both emotional and physical improvements. I was particularly impressed that she included an essence for a physical issue I have but didn’t even mention to her. Her blend brought me out of a fog and has helped bring me the clarity, levity and motivation that I was sorely lacking. I highly recommend her work.

Healing energies

I've been taking my essence for at least 6 or 7 weeks now. I feel so much acceptance towards this global pandemic situation. A lot of the things on my mind became clearer. Feelings of slight depression here and there due to the Coronavirus and the situation in which I feel I can't do much progress in so many areas changed unexpectedly to a desire to take action again (such an untypical behavior for me...).
I also sleep so much better lately...a real feel of restfulness. I truly believe the essence brought me some healing energies :)

Great consultation & essence

I have been interested in herbalism & flower essences for about 10 years. Avas consultation was incredibly valuable. Her expertise really shows through in her recommendations & guidelines. I would highly recommend this kind of consultation to anyone interested in flower essences.

Avni Wadhwa
Love and positivity

My excitement levels went so high this time round, I knew inside that this will be a truly special one!! This is my third custom essence blend and the moment my package arrived, I set an intention and took the essence with all the love, positivity and healing vibrations. It has been a few days and I feel calmer, reduced pains, it seems to have opened pathways to healing and to bigger, brighter avenues of life. I am much more grounded, less anxious and have certainly been radiant. Ava has been an indispensable part of my journey towards inner and outer beauty. Thank you🤗