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Flower Essences

Our flower essences are all made attentively by hand in the Spokane area in Washington State. We use the general Bach method, where plants that are radiant, in bloom, grow in abundance, and are calling to have an essence made of them are placed to float on water (we use spring water as much as possible) in a quartz crystal shaped like a bowl or in a wide glass bowl or jar. The vessel is placed near the plants where the flowers were gathered or in another serene natural spot nearby, then the flowers are infused in this way for several hours under the sun. 

If a flower is rare, rather than picking it to infuse we often use an alternate method, where we place the bowl of water under the blooms and infuse the flowers in this way for a longer period of time, sometimes all day.

Most of our flowers are local wildflowers, but a few are organically grown plants that we have chosen to include for their healing properties. And we sometimes infuse lichen or mosses and other plants, even though they do not produce blooms; a practice that is now customary in flower essence circles. These plants are infused during a time when their energy vibrations are particularly high (usually the plants' reproductive time).

The infused essence is called the mother, and it is blended half and half with brandy, which anchors the essence's energy and serves as a preservative. We store the mother essences in a quiet and peaceful room in closed wooden cabinets. From the mother essences, we make the blends and single essences that we offer for sale, and these dilutions are called "stock potency." Customers may take essences straight from the purchased bottles to effectively use the stock potency, while practitioners will often use drops from the stock bottles to make dosage bottles for their clients.